Anniversary At Home

Very thankful for so many things despite the insanity of 2020. Our family has all remained healthy. We are able to stay connected via technology. We have two grandchildren that absolutely light up our lives.

Our home is situated in such a way that we have a great deal of privacy so we have been very fortunate that we can safely go outside during the pandemic. We’ve watched the news and saw the reports of people living in apartments where they can’t leave without coming in close contact with other folks. We have the luxury of being able to move freely on our own property.

So tonight we are celebrating 35 years of marriage. Years that were too busy to take notice of the absolute joy of small children. Years consumed with trying to get everyone where they needed to be when they needed to be there. Years of career demands that limited quality family time. Years filled. Sometimes filled to overflowing and that’s where we land here in 2020. We are overflowing with thankfulness that we have not been infected with the pandemic. That our children and grandchildren are safe. That our sisters are being careful and have all avoided becoming sick.

It’s a surreal year for sure, even more reason to push pause and take the moment to joyfully celebrate thirty-five years.

I have received a some questions about lighting in these shots. I used the LumeCube Panel Mini to light the champagne. This is a wonderfully portable little light that can easily be adjusted to provide just the right amount of light. I purchased it as an additional light source for teleconferencing, but anticipating that I would be able to use it for travel shots/backpacking. I am delighted with this little light. Absolutely delighted!