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  • What About Beth?

    What About Beth?

    One of our neighbors was recently chatting with Tim asking about our trailer and our travel plans. Tim explained what we are hoping to do in 2021 (still under COVID restrictions). Our neighbor asked, “Ok, but what about Beth? Is she on board with this?

  • Thankful for the Holidays!

    Thankful for the Holidays!

    2020 holiday season sure looks different. Much like the March-October feeling of days/weeks/months blending into one loooooooong day, we find our holidays are doing something similar. Our son is under quarantine as he awaits the results of a COVID test. Our daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren live out of state. Our sisters all live in different…

  • Like Kids at Christmas

    Like Kids at Christmas

    Remember when you were a kid and Christmas was within sight? Did you search for the presents your parents had tucked away from curious children? Did you ever sit by the Christmas tree, picking up gifts and trying to guess what each package contained? Did you ever loosen the tape just enough so you could…

  • A Life Well Lived

    A Life Well Lived