Might As Well Have a Little Surgery

Doctors and hospitals recently reopened for elective procedures. We decided that since much of the country is still “closed” for travel and since we don’t own an RV, this is a good time for Tim to have his shoulder repaired.

This was an injury sustained years ago first by a fall while running and more recently stress from chopping wood. A lot. Of wood. For hours. What can I say? I can say he’s determined, focused, and strong. Sometimes that laser-focus can cause him to overdo things. At other times, it serves him well. That fierce determination, coupled with excellent physical fitness will enable him to heal well and rapidly. Throughout the process, he will cope by doing everything in his power to not only get back to normal but to improve his overall conditioning. He was in PT the second day after surgery and already exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Some of our family and friends have expressed a little concern about how I will cope with his several-months-long recovery. He can be a little intense. A little driven.

First of all, I rather like the enforced social distancing in waiting rooms. In the past, entirely too many times, some obviously contagious person has plopped in the chair next to me when there were plenty of empty chairs elsewhere. I didn’t mind waiting in my car. I especially liked receiving text-notifications throughout the procedure. Secondly, after the patient goes to bed, I may or may not have a little help from my friend. 😀